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CAL-ADS & Business Vision Marketing Inc
‘Providing affordable, stand-out advertising + Supporting your community’

What will compel people to buy from your business?
How will you attract more customers than your competition?

Cal-Ads is the SOLUTION!

Eye-catching, full colour, customized ads attached to a magneted, 4“ x 6“ three month Community Events Calendar. The full size of the Cal-Ad is 4“ x 28“, while each standard ad is 4“ x 2“. Delivered 4 times over the year, Cal-Ads gives you the flexibility to change up your ad for each season while giving the repetition your business needs for optimum advertising effectiveness.

5 reasons why Cal-Ads will work for your business:

1) Unique, Highly Visible Format Proven To Be Effective For Over 10 Years
  • Cal-Ads are long, narrow and colourful so they really stand out from other direct mail.
  • Cal-Ads are magneted to the front door of people's homes or put in the mailbox, so the ads are not lost inside flyer bundles.
  • The unique, 3 month mini calendar and community events bulletin at the top of the Cal-Ad compels people to bring the Cal-Ad into their home for 3 months, allowing your ad to be viewed multiple times. (The events are from the local community associations, libraries and non-profits in the area, making it targeted and relevant to home owners).
  • On the back of the Cal-Ad is a magnet which people can use to magnet the Cal-Ad to their fridges so it 'sticks around', giving your ad even more impact!
  • Cal-Ads are designed so people are compelled to look at the ads. There are only 2 sides to each Cal-Ad so people can quickly and easily scan the ads, even if they are in a hurry or if they don't usually take the time to look at ad mail.
2) Perforated Ads with Promotions Invite People to ACT NOW
  • Cal-Ads get people to BUY NOW! Your ad can be used for branding and awareness building and/or for providing time sensitive incentives and coupons to invite potential customers into your business now. We will help you design an advertising promotion that will get results!
  • Each ad is perforated and wallet sized, allowing people to easily tear off the ads, and put them in their wallets. They can keep your card long after they have read the CAL-AD, creating more 'top of mind' awareness for your business.
3) Targeted Marketing & Community Minded
  • You can target the geographic areas around your business where you are most likely to get customers. This is very difficult to do with online marketing and can be expensive with other forms of direct mail.
  • By advertising you are supporting local community associations that bring people together and help build communities.
  • Being seen by the residents as a community supporting business enhances a positive business image, enlists trust and encourages potential customers to support your business.
4) Our Experienced Marketing Specialists & Graphic Artists Make It Easy for You
  • Our marketing specialists and graphic artists are educated in marketing and have over 10 years experience.
  • Professional, strategic artwork designed with your input to create professional looking ads and promotions that get maximum results. The ads are full colour and are printed on quality, glossy paper to professionally present your logo, photos and ad.
  • WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING! Save countless hours by not having to contract out marketing consultants, graphic artists, finding printers and sorting through postal codes, leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business!
5) Affordable Advertising for ALL Businesses
  • All of this for less than half of what Canada Post charges for just the delivery of ads!
  • Starting at only 3.4˘ per home, your business can be included on the next community Cal-Ad! This price includes everything, no extra artwork fees.

We would love to work with you to help grow your business!

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