CAL-ADS & Business Vision Marketing

Affordable, stand-out advertising + Supporting your community

How can you get your business known by the people that live close to your business?
What will compel people to buy from your business now and become loyal customers?

Cal-Ads is the SOLUTION!

Eye-catching, full colour, customized ads attached to a 4“ x 6“ three month Community Events Calendar and Business Directory. The full size of the Cal-Ad is 4“ x 28“, while each standard ad is 4“ x 2“. Delivered directly to homes 4 times during the year, Cal-Ads gives you the flexibility to change up your ad for each season while giving the repetition your business needs for optimum advertising effectiveness.

Why Cal-Ads Advertising Really Works

1) Unique, Highly Visible Format Proven To Be Effective For Over 20 Years
2) Targeted Marketing & Community Minded 3) Perforated Ads with Promotions Invite People to ACT NOW4) Our Experienced Marketing Specialists & Graphic Artists Make It Easy for You 5) Affordable Advertising for ALL Businesses
We would love to work with you to help grow your business!


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