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Affordable, stand-out advertising + Supporting your community


To provide businesses with stand-out advertising that is geographically targeted to the communities where the business is most likely to get regular customers. The business gets increased sales and a larger customer base, while also supporting and bringing together communities.

Our Motivation

Our market research and experience suggested that unless large amounts of money or time were put into advertising, (i.e. a team of marketing strategists, creative ad design, hours and hours spent on social media, or a lot of ad repetition) more often than not the marketing was not being seen by the right people, was lost among clutter or were simply ineffective at getting real results.

We wanted to develop a new advertising and communications concept that would produce results, while being easy and affordable for business owners. To help ensure the ads are effective, we also wanted to offer marketing and ad design expertise at no extra charge to help ensure the advertising is achieving the strategic marketing objectives of the business.

That's why our team at Business Vision Marketing Inc. designed 'Cal-Ads' (Calendar Advertising), a unique form of advertising that truly gets homeowners' attention with eye-catching, full-colour ads and a Community Events Calendar that brings communities and businesses together.

Over 20 years later, Cal-Ads have proven to be an extremely effective form of advertising for large and small businesses. Some of our clients include: Second Cup, Integra Tire, Pet Valu, Gold's Gym, Royal LePage Real Estate, Sobey's, Shoppers Drug Mart, Little Caesars Pizza, Tim Horton's, Chatters Salon, Ricky's All Day Grill, Safeway and numerous other wonderful businesses. Business owners of all sizes have told us over and over again that Cal-Ads is one of the few advertising methods that has given 'amazing' and 'tremendous results' greater than any other form of advertising they've tried--even after just one ad.

Reviews from People Who Get Cal-Ads at Their Home

'I always like getting the Cal-Ads content in our mail. Strange thing to say about a mass-mailout, I know!

But it's true! The businesses are always nearby (no point getting something that's at the other end of the city). And they've clearly put some effort into visual curation and cohesive design.

I especially appreciate the eco-conscious use of the material space. They feature more and different local small businesses on the back and front of the document. This is a sharp contrast to the approach by other advertisers which land in our mailbox and often waste a lot of space and paper, but say no more with it.'
~ Liz Coderre

'What a great way to learn about the business' around my community which I may not have known were around thanks to Cal-Ads. Coupons are a great bonus as well!'
~ Jen & Don Carlson

'I love the Community Events and I am grateful for the money-savings coupons and offers. I have met some wonderful dedicated small business owners from Cal-ads... from snow shovelling to the lady who cuts my hair. Love Cal-ads!'
~ Karla Pollok

Client Testimonials

'CAL-ADS has been a valuable advertising resource for my company. Having ran ads in community newsletters for years with little success, I found CAL-ADS and instantly saw results. Being able to place a targeted promotion to specific communities is a tremendous asset to my company's marketing campaign. I wholeheartedly recommend CAL-ADS to any small business owner looking for an affordable and successful way to market your business.'
~ Alison Smith, Owner, Gymboree Play & Music of Calgary

'Cal-Ads provides amazing value for your investment. The owner is a conscientious, caring business professional that works hard to get her clients more business via Cal-Ads. We have recommended Cal-Ads to many of our clients with smashing results! It's a simple fact that in this digital world, we sometimes need a reminder we can see to react to. If your business needs more exposure to homeowners, families and individuals, explore Cal-Ads further!'
~ Trina Lo, FreshInk Communications, Calgary

'I've tried similar advertising in the past with poor results. Then I tried advertising with Cal-Ads and got a 2.5% return! A tremendous response considering 1% return is considered a very good redemption rate.'
~ Margaret Nemeth, Primal Grounds Cappuccino Bar & Eatery, Calgary

'I have been advertising with Cal-Ads now for 3 years. It has become my number one form of advertising over flyer and community papers. As far as print goes, Cal-Ads is our number one in success for attracting new members over flyers and community papers.'
~ Melanie, Curves For Women, Calgary

'Our association with Cal-Ads is a result of their effective program and excellent service. Each new mailing brings us new customers, as well as rewarding our existing ones.'
~ Sharon & Dave Barker, Drycleaning by Dave, Calgary

'Cal-Ads has worked really well for us. We have better responses than the previous ads that we have done in the past with other publications. The graphic and design looks great. Thank you for everything.'
~ Vanessa, Virtual Nails & Hair Salon, Calgary

'Back in February of this year we entered into a couple different advertising programs and of the 3 we are currently doing, our coupons from the Cal-Ads advertisement have given us the best results... We will be continuing with the Cal-Ads form of advertising and look forward to our continued success!'
~ E. Anderson, Soft Touch Esthetics, Calgary

'Cal-Ads is a very professional and efficient company. Great price and extremely good customer service.'
~ Alvena, Sonata School Of Music, Calgary

'To Small Business Owners:

I recently stumbled upon Cal-ads, which is the strip of business card size ads you will find attached to your door once a quarter if you live in one of the 4 regions of the city that it covers.

I have a company that provides wellness services to people in their homes, i.e. massage therapy, and I decided to participate in this advertising venture. Tara and her team designed the ad for me, which I just loved and they did it quickly and efficiently, which I also really appreciate.

I have done other advertising in the past so I was pleasantly but definitely surprised when I got a call on the first day ads were being delivered, it has been three weeks now since they first went out and I have got calls nearly every day and some days 4 or 5. This is terrific growth for us, particularly in a month where traditionally sales slow as people become busy with Christmas.

My only mistake was only doing two areas and not all four, but I won't make that mistake twice. I do recommend exploring this as an option for your business.'
~ Jill Burk, Owner, Health Span Inc.

'I'd like to thank Cal-Ads for the wonderful job they did in creating my coupon and distributing it through out my immediate neighboring communities. My coupon looked even better than I had hoped for, and was very effective. The Cal-Ads advertisement easily paid for itself in less than two months!'
~ S. Montgomery, Marci's Dog Grooming, Calgary

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